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Information for authors

Dear authors!

We are waiting for the publication of original author's materials that have scientific novelty and are of interest to the scientific and pedagogical community of universities of culture and arts.

We offer you to get acquainted with the procedure of reviewing manuscripts and the Rules of preparation of materials for our publication.

Following the policy of the journal, its Publisher-the Federal state budgetary educational institution of higher education "Moscow state Institute of culture" – bears all costs for the production and publication of the journal, including the organization of expert evaluation, Internet hosting and archiving.

For the publication of articles the authors are not charged. Review is not paid.

The printed edition of the journal is distributed by subscription.

The official website of the journal contains abstracts and keywords of all articles for at least the last two years, including the current one.

Full text of all archived files and current issues of the journal are in open access on sites of the Russian science citation index and CyberLink that provides open access for readers.


The publication reviews all materials submitted to the editorial Board, corresponding to its subject, for the purpose of their expert evaluation.
All reviewers are recognized experts on the subject of peer-reviewed materials and have publications on the subject of the reviewed article within the last 3 years.
Reviews are stored in the publishing house and in the editorial office for 5 years.
The editors are not obliged to consider reviews prepared at the initiative of the authors.
The review is carried out in two stages:
The first stage is the initial review. All scientific articles submitted to the journal before publication are subject to inspection for compliance with the requirements established by the editorial Board, which determines the compliance of the article to the journal profile, requirements, availability of required components (abstract, key words, information about the author with e-mail address in Russian and English), the level of originality of the text when testing using the system "anti-Plagiarism" the current official contract IPCC). Primary review is carried out by the Executive Secretary of the editorial Board and Deputy editor-in-chief.
The second stage is scientific review ("double blind"). In compliance with the formal requirements, the article is sent for mandatory review to specialists, doctors or candidates of Sciences (the head of the column, a member of the editorial Board or a specialist who has the closest scientific specialization to the topic, other specialists) without specifying information about the author (s) of the reviewed article.  In this case, information about the reviewers to the author (authors) are also not reported. Reviewers are informed that the manuscripts sent to them for examination are subject to copyright, copies of unpublished materials are not made, and the content of the articles is not subject to disclosure.
The editors reserve the right to reject articles:
‑ do not match the profile of the journal;
‑ received negative reviews;
‑ decorated with violation of rules;
‑ not having the necessary components (abstract, keywords, information about the author with an e-mail address in Russian and English);
‑ containing gross errors and inaccuracies in the bibliographic description in the list of references;
‑ published in other publications, including online media, in the same volume and with the same name;
‑ containing incorrect borrowings (plagiarism).
The review period as a rule cannot exceed more than eight weeks. In some cases, it is allowed to increase the review period due to the need to attract experts on the subject of the article.
In the review, as a rule, it is specified:
‑ does the content of the article correspond to its title;
‑ does it meet the modern achievements in the field of science (taking into account its relevance and scientific novelty), as well as the reasoned conclusion about the possibility of publication;
‑ the reviewer gives recommendations on the revision and on its publication in the journal, recommends the heading.
An article in need of revision is sent to the authors with the comments of a reviewer or a member of the editorial Board. The authors should take into account all the comments made in the process of reviewing and editing the article, respond to each of the comments and indicate the place in the text where the changes are made. Changes made by the author must be made to the electronic version of the text and returned to the editor within the specified time.
After revision, the article is re-reviewed, the results of which the editorial Board decides on the possibility of publication.
Multiple revision of articles is not allowed: if after revision of the article the author failed to eliminate the comments, the article is withdrawn from consideration and rejected in the prescribed manner.
The final decision on the publication of the article is made by the editor-in-chief and, if necessary, by the editorial Board.
The editorial Board sends copies of reviews or a reasoned refusal to the authors of the submitted materials and undertakes to send copies of reviews to the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation upon receipt of the corresponding request to the editorial Board.


The journal accepts for publication articles that have not been previously published. Not earlier than a year after the publication of the article in our journal, the author can publish this text or its fragments in other publications.   
The article should have scientific novelty, reflect the main results of the author's research, correspond to the General direction of the journal and be interesting to a wide range of Russian scientific community.
The article may contain (if necessary) a minimum of tables, formulas and graphical dependencies. The article should be completed with the conclusion (s). All abbreviations and scientific terms should be disclosed. Do not abuse
Internet source. When using them, it is necessary to give references in accordance with the rules of registration of the bibliographic apparatus of scientific articles.
Publication requirements
1. The text is typed in the editor Microsoft Office Word, font-Times New Roman, size 14, interval-1.5.
2. The volume of the article should not exceed 15-16 thousand characters, including spaces, but not more than 20 thousand characters, including spaces.
3. The list of references is located at the end of the article in alphabetical order, bibliographic descriptions in the list are made in accordance with GOST 7.05-2008, references to the text of the article are given in square brackets.
4. In one file with the text of the article must be submitted:
- abstract (one paragraph of 100 - 250 words) in Russian and English, and key words in Russian and English languages;
- information about the author: full name, in Russian and English (in English authors ' names are presented in one of the accepted international transliteration systems, it is desirable to use either the international standard ISO 9: 95 (GOST 7.79-2000), or the transliteration system of the American Association of libraries and Libraries of Congress (ALA-L C), place of study and work, position, contact phone number (preferably mobile), e - mail address;
Articles are accepted in two copies – printed and electronic. The text printed on paper must be identical to the text of the electronic version.
5. The article is reviewed by the editorial Board of the journal.
The editorial Board reserves the right to select materials.