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"Culture and education" is a scientific publication on cultural studies and pedagogy of culture. Materials on actual problems of art history, literary studies, journalism, social and cultural activities, library and information activities, education in Russian universities of culture and arts are published. Particular attention is paid to the analysis of the promotion of socio-cultural innovation, humanization of the cultural environment, support for new forms of social and cultural activities.

Dear colleagues and friends!

I would like to present you an updated peer-reviewed scientific journal "Culture and education". The update of the editorial Board of our journal coincided with the formation of a new direction in the activities of the Institute: we begin to train specialists in the field of state cultural policy.

From the very beginning our journal combined theoretical and practical components. And in the future we will discuss on its pages the complex and controversial problems of history and theory of culture, pedagogy, social and cultural activities. At the same time, the journal will not be a purely academic platform, but also a space for discussing the achievements of cultural workers. We strive to consolidate the efforts of specialists and disseminate the experience of educational institutions of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. The journal is open for publications on professional development of representatives of creative professions, employees of cultural institutions. We still intend to promptly convey to the professional community new ideas and practices of not only domestic but also international culture.

To the already established sections of the journal will be added those that become relevant in the light of the main trends in our cultural life development,  including issues of state cultural policy, national culture of the peoples of Russia.

The editorial Board expresses its gratitude to the permanent authors of our journal, and we hope to attract new interesting researchers and practitioners. We are waiting for your articles and projects, we promise to consider them kindly and competently for publication in our journal.

Editor-in-chief, Professor, doctor of Philology. Uzhankov.


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Alexander Nikolaevich Uzhankov, doctor of Philology, Professor, Vice-rector for scientific activity of the Moscow state Institute of culture, Honorary worker of higher professional education of the Russian Federation, phone:+7 (495) 7816599 

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Federal state budgetary educational institution of higher education "Moscow state Institute of culture", 141400, Moscow region, Khimki , street Library, 7.

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